Hand Recount In New Hampshire Reveals Republicans We Shorted Vote Count Across The Board

Is this the smoking gun other news outlets and politicians are alluding to in recent days but not mentioning? The facts of the story are as such:

  • Windham, NH – Sate Representative Race was called in favor of Republicans with a 26 vote difference.
  • Democrat St. Laurent lost by only 24 votes on election night. This allowed her to ask for a hand recount.
  • In the hand recount, it was discovered that all the republicans were missing roughly 300 votes each, 3 democrats were also short an average of 22 votes each and 1 democrat (St. Laurent) was somehow given 99 more votes on election night than what she was really given.
  • The election officials are perplexed as to the reason for the large discrepancies and cannot attest what caused the issue.
  • The vote scanning machines used were AccuVote optical scanning machines with Global Election Management Systems, which was purchased by Dominion Voting Systems in 2010 from ES&S.

Below is the official timeline for the recount and issue in the Town of Windham New Hampshire:

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