How’s That Defunding Working Out?

St. Louis Mayor has been boasting about their defunding their police departments. Since then violence in St. Louis has been sky rocketing. Over this past weekend, there were 20 shootings and 3 deaths just in St. Louis.

The stats speak for themselves, yet BLM and the left continues to push their defund the police narrative and their followers comply sending violence skyrocketing.

Of course we all know the left will and currently is blaming guns for all this violence. It has nothing to do with culture, gangs, the lack of police presence, lack of morals, and lack of a strong family nucleus like science and data shows. Nope. They see this and only see gun violence as the issue.

I guess St. Louis just wants to maintain its stance as the 9th most murderous city IN THE WORLD. That’s right. We hear of and see on TV stories of the dangerous ghettos in third world countries, but the fact is that danger is right here in America.

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Phil Murphy
Phil Murphy
1 year ago

Defunding is not the answer. Careful recruiting of new police is. Allow only men and women truly suited to the job Law enforcement is a tough job and cops must earn respect. I’m 92 and in my life I have encountered only one jerk cop. Portland has done things right in the past.

Reply to  Phil Murphy
1 year ago

The first aspect of respect in this sense is to respect the rule of law, cops don’t need to earn respect it should automatically be given due to the badge they wear and what it stands for. And what is Portland doing right these days, I’ll wait but won’t hold my breath but when thinking of Portland I do hold my nose!