HUGE News From The Election Audit

The auditors announced this week that they are on the last 14 pallets of ballots of 44 total ballots to be audited. This means the Arizona audit is quickly coming to and end and the results will be available soon.

In the meantime, numerous states and officials have been scheduling visits and behind the scene meetings to see the audit and how it is being run. They are doing this to judge the auditors effeciency before hiring them to audit their own states and counties.

Thus far Georgia and Pennsylvania officials have scheduled visits to see the audit in person. Multiple other states are already conducting audits or heavily pushing for audits like in Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers stated, “Arizona welcomes all States to adopt this gold-standard of a process to ensure free and fair elections for 2022.” The key here is that she stated for 2022. This reiterates the fact that the Arizona audit in particular only got approval to hold the audit on the basis that the results of the audit wont change any results of the election. Meaning, even if they find that Trump won “bigly”, they already gave Biden their vote and wont change that.

The real question remains as to what the people will demand if the results do start coming in state after state of election fraud and Trump being the winner. What then?

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Renee Moore
1 year ago

He has always been a liar for any promises he said he would keep, and he has always been a JOB KILLER. We need to do something to get our Country back on track and it is NOT BIDEN for sure!

1 year ago

Great Headline, but the article tells you that as of know they have found nothing in the ballots, but their process has issues. If other states come to look , they will see how sloppy this audit is. So, what are you bragging about?

James Hardin Vincent
James Hardin Vincent
1 year ago

Then why are you wanting to do the audit. I think this whole mess stinks to high heaven. If you’re not going to prosecute people, if you find massive fraud, then why in heavens name are you wasting money to prove fraud. If there is massive voter fraud, then go after the entities that did all this voter fraud. This must be a left wing outlet.