Is New York FORCING Workers To Do This?

Starting Monday, New York City hospital workers will need to show proof of vaccination, or they need to get tested weekly. Mayor Bill de Blasio recommended masks indoors regardless of vaccine status.

Across the U.S., confirmed coronavirus cases have doubled in more than 40 states in the last two weeks. About 97% of COVID-19 cases are among the vaccinated, and 40% of the country remains unvaccinated.

New York had more than 3,000 people test positive for COVID-19 Friday, the highest one-day total. Due to the new Delta variant, New York hit over the threshold they use to be at back in early May.

When workers at New York City-run hospitals show up to work on Monday, they will have to show proof of vaccination.

It makes one wonder, if most cases are among the “vaccinated,” why would they demand that more people get “vaccinated”?

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