Jovan Hutton, A Fraud Expert, Offered $10 MILLION To NOT Audit The Election Results

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on Left

In a shocking interview with Professor David K. Clements, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer opens up the dialog at the 1 minute mark with jaw dropping news that he was offered $10 Million dollars to not audit the past election. Jovan is a world renowned entrepreneur, and inventor. He holds hundreds of patents on technology used by billions of people around the world. He is also the chief authority on kinematic artifact scanning. he can detect a myriad of different forms of fraud on any piece of paper. This includes election ballots.

Luckily for us he turned it down. He said he’d never sell out America and would rather take a bullet to the head, acknowledging that may very well happen to him at this point.

Jovan was called as an expert in the Georgia election hearings presenting what evidence he had of the fraud there based on the little information he was privy to.

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Buzz Waldron
1 year ago

WAIT !!! WAIT !!! WAIT !!! … WHO/WHAT offered him $10Million ???????????