Juror Admits Fear Of More Rioting And Personal Attacks If She Voted Wrong

Well that didn’t take long. A juror of the Derek Chauvin trial admitted to reporters yesterday that she was tired of the rioting and afraid that she would be targeted personally for being a juror if people were not happy with the verdict.

Even the judge admitted during the trial that they were already dangerously close to a mistrial for a load of reasons. Beyond the now admission of threats and fear of violence from the jurors, Maxine Waters’ speech demanding a guilty virdict while inciting more anger and riots could very well be the cherry on top for an appeal to overturn the verdict.

Not many believe the trial was fair and held properly. How could it when it’s in the middle of the action in the town where it took place and the nonstop violence and media coverage for a year. Finding impartial jurors is nearly impossible. We don’t know how you can hold a fair trial for anyone. Instead it seems more like the Salem witch trials than anything else. Guilty or not guilty.

The only question that remains at this point, is when will they file the appeal?

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Timothy Yorgan
1 year ago

Verdicts arrived at by the threat of bodily harm or destruction of property, is not justice, but extortion. This is the law of the jungle, where the strongest teeth dispense justice on a predetermined outcome. In other words no justice as the criminals are running the system.

1 year ago

Not quite sure why if the judge was citing that there were possible warranted reasons for mistrial, before the decision even went to the jury, why he didn’t stop all proceedings and declare a mistrial himself.