Kyle Rittenhouse: Judge Throws Out Parts Of Government’s Case

Kyle Rittenhouse is being criminally tried in the shootings at Kenosha where Rittenhouse is captured on video shooting at and killing various attackers that were chasing and threatening violence on Rittenhouse.

The case still hasn’t been heard, but yesterday a held an evidentiary hearing with the judge. The Government who is trying to prosecute Rittenhouse was dealt a big defeat already.

The Government was trying to include Kyle’s previous history of defending his sister from violence and his various connections to people who associate with Proud Boys. The judge threw out all these character assassination attempts as they would just load the jury with prejudices instead of focusing on the case itself.

This is a big win for Rittenhouse and his attorneys. The Government doesn’t have much grounds for prosecution outside of hysteria over BLM and Antifa. The video evidence shows Rittenhouse displayed miraculously in in control of his fire arms and didn’t shot wantonly and only shot at the very last moments. It shows him trying to escape every situation without the use of his firearm. The attackers all kept pursuing Rittenhouse which resulted in them being shot and Rittenhouse having a clear and solid case of self defense.

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1 year ago

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