LeBron James Inciting Violence On Twitter

In stunning arrogance and disconnect, KingJames tweeted out to the world a picture of an officer saying “YOU’RE NEXT”. His tweet seen below:

The story behind the picture and the police officer in the picture is one of the latest in police shootings. This one in particular is of a black female teen who was wielding a knife and attacking others. The details are still coming out, but BLM and the media is out for blood, right or wrong, following the Chauvin murder conviction.

James has since pulled the tweet after more and more details come out that this girl was holding a knife and attacking others when the cops showed up. People have been calling him out all over twitter for this tweet, and with the NBA’s ratings at an all time low, he deleted the tweet and later posted a rebuttal to why he deleted the post full of spelling errors.

Accountability is not a one way street. We do believe he meant to say “Anger does [NOT DO] any of us any good..” and that makes the tweet make a bit more sense reading it that way.

If he really wanted accountability, he would be calling on those in the knife fight including “that lil girl” for trying to take the life of others maliciously. Instead he attacked the police officer who had two choices, take out the attacker or sit back as the attacker potentially takes another’s life while he gets accused of doing nothing.

Luckily, justice in the case should come out clear as the details come out more and more. Unfortunately for this officer, even if he is found to be in the right, the damage is done. KingJames placed a public target on his head. Will justice come back and hold KingJames accountable?

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1 year ago

LeBron, if it makes you angry, then do not get involved. You do things that we do not like and you do things that you like. Do what makes you feel good, like playing basketball. Perhaps you could criticize the Chinese about their civil rights, just as you talk about how the blacks are treated here. Why do you not speak about the Chinese like you do our Blacks here in the USA……. Stick to what you know best. MONEY TALKS AND BS WALKS.

1 year ago

I saw the video the day after it happened. A portly black teenage female was about to plunge a knife into another black teenage female, who had her back up against a car and had no way of escaping the situation. Another split second and that poor girl would have been stabbed at least once. The officer saved that girls life most likely, and he should be given a medal for being able to eliminate that deadly threat without anyone else being injured by the bullet. It’s just a shame that the dead girl had to put herself in that situation, but people have to learn to control themselves.

Vincent Scott
1 year ago

LeBron James is an arrogant, self-absorbed, self centered, egotistical POS and is too stupid to get the message that nobody gives a flying F*ck what he has to say.