Left-Wing Protestors Take Over Gov. Building

With little to no media coverage, left-wing activists pushed past police lines to break into the Department of the Interior building in Washington DC. Not a single activist was killed. Despite fighting with police and entering a government building without permission, non are considered insurrectionists. None are being held in solitary confinement, being beaten in prison or given sentences longer than the prosecution is seeking. In fact, it is yet to be seen if any will see any prosecution at all.

The protest was held by climate change activists who were demonstrating against fossil fuels. Police lines were formed attempting from blocking the protestors from entering the building. The protestors attempted to push past the police and fight back which led to the police using tasers on the protestors.

Are the democrats and corrupt judicial system judges going to persecute those who entered the building or even attended the protest? You can see a protestor in the video above climbing through the blocked doorway, much like Ashli Babbitt did on Jan. 6th. No police shot and killed her on the spot. Are we to expect a special committee to investigate these radical terrorist insurrectionists?

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