Liberal Media Is Beginning To Realize That Trump’s Base Is Growing Stronger – Even Without Trump.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) attended a rally in support of outing Wyoming Senator Liz Cheney who voted in support of impeaching President Trump and claiming He instigated a coup.

First off, I feel like it still needs to be said for the democrats in the very far back listening in, there was no coup. No military was involved. January 6th was a rally and protest of a disconnected government. Yes, some protestors turned to civil disobedience. Still doesn’t make it a coup. If you would like to start changing definitions and meanings then so be it, but you won’t be happy with those results and what’s going on currently with BLM and historically with nearly ALL past protests and activist activities.

Back to the topic at hand. At this Rally, members of the press were in attendance, as they should be. That’s their job. What’s interesting was what they did while there. Instead of journalism of the past going in, reporting the facts of the rally and passing it along, they now go and try and find dissenters and opinions of common people. This is where it gets good.

Tara Palmeri, who is a reporter with Politico, was one such reporter. Below is a clip of her reporting on the rally where you can hear her account in her own words. Tara was shocked to find that members in attendence were all for what Rep. Matt Gaetz was saying, and that nobody there was supporting Cheney. She even left the event to talk to people outside the event to find people who valued Cheney, after all, she is a “Cheney”. It baffled her that, surprise, nobody cared.

To show more disgust of these average Americans, she mentioned that many of them didn’t want to speak with her if she was wearing a mask, or many of them spoke openly about not wanting to be vaccinated. She was floored that these sentiments were wide spread and she couldn’t understand why.

Then it clicked.

“I think the base is getter stronger, truly.” Tara Palmeri of Politico said, and “I’m really happy that I went out there and saw it because I think that there’s a huge disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country.”

Well isn’t that the most honest piece of reporting I’ve heard in the last few months. It’s refreshing really. We do applaud journalists like this who go out and see and interact with American’s and learn what they feel and think.

In the end, the MAGA movement is still growing because American Patriots feel that:

  • Democrats are calling Trump voters domestic terrorists
  • Democrats want to pass more laws so the government can have more power to terrorize peaceful , law-abiding citizens( Trump voters).

What do you think these citizens are going to do when the Democrat controlled government becomes tyrannical and targets these Trump voters. They are going to naturally band together for self-preservation. The real question is, how long can you poke a peaceful bear before the bear get’s angry?

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