Liberal Montana Supreme Court Is Imploding

It all started with and email, and looks like it’s about to take down the entire liberal supreme court system. It may even result in impeachment of multiple die hard progressive justices and arrests of some of their staff members.

What’s better is that the Conservative Governoner of Montana will stand in place to appoint new Justices if this all continues to go down the path it seems headed. That is all thanks to the exact bill that started this entire issue. Bill SB140.

SB140 Grants the Governor the power to appoint new District Judges if vacancies occur. The entire liberal supreme court do not like this new bill, obviously. So they have been working to politicize the court and lobby lawmakers to go against this bill.

And therein lies the problem. These judges all set out to be partisan activists and emailed all their other liberal judges in the state to ‘conduct a poll’ to use to fight this new bill. As the bill is now heading to the supreme court for ruling, the Attorney General found out about all these back door shenanigans being done by these liberal judges.

The Attorney General is now trying to find out which Judges are now required to recuse themselves for being impartial to the case but the Justices are keeping quite. The problem is, the justices used their government emails to contact and be activists and those emails are Government public property.

The Justices ignored the requests and went ahead and ruled on the bill and case in their favor (naturally) without recusing themselves or thinking twice about it.

Now, however is where things are getting intense. An investigation has now been opened into this act of corruption and those emails are mysteriously gone. They have been deleted. The Supreme Court has tampered evidence based on their bias to rule illegally.

Now you can see why this is so serious.

A special committee has been formed on the matter and is now requesting for the Justices and their staff that the emails and all communications on the matter be turned over at once as is written in the law.

This is as far as the case has developed so far, but as you can see, it’s not looking good for the Montana Supreme court. As far as we can tell, they either turn over the legally required material and prove their illegal activities, or do more illegal activities and try and claim they don’t know what happened to the emails and subject themselves to whatever punishment that brings.

Hopefully Justice will fall on the right side of the law in Montana.

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