Life Is Hard For Logical People These Days

Anyone who has a decent bit of logic is struggling to live life these days. For example:

Logical Person: At the supermarket there is plastic covering the payment keypad. Logical person asks why there is plastic covering the keypad to the cashier.

Cashier: To protect people from COVID.

Logical Person: Isn’t everyone touching the plastic keypad the same way they would had the plastic not been there?

Cashier: Gives confused look….

Logical Person: At the supermarket notices nobody is there to pack the grocery bags. Asks the cashier they they don’t help pack the bags anymore.

Cashier: Because of COVID we are trying to reduce the spread of catching or spreading the virus.

Logical Person: But didn’t a shelf packer take it out of a box and put it on the shelf? And potentially a few customers may have picked it up and put it back after deciding they don’t want it. Plus I put it on the conveyor belt where YOU just picked it up to scan it. But it’s too risky to put it in a bag for me still?

Cashier: Gives confused look….

Logical Person: At the drive-through window the server holds a tray out the window with the food ordered, asks why the food it being passed on a tray instead of just handing me the bag like in the past?

Server: It is because of COVID, so I don’t touch your food bag.

Logical Person: Didn’t the cook touch my food? Didn’t the person who wrapped my food touch it and then touch it again to place it in my bag? Didn’t you touch the bag when you placed the bag on the tray?

Server: Gives confused look…

Logical Person: In society if you cough or sneeze, you must now do it in your elbow sleeve. Shaking hands or hugging is now not sanitary, instead you must now tap elbows to help stop the spread of COVID. Except, we are now sneezing into our elbows and doing elbow bumps.

Gives confused look…

Logical Person: In a restaurant the hostess asks us to wear a mask while we walk to our table to help stop the spread of COVID.

Hostess: Now that you are seated you can take off your mask.

Logical Person: So it’s safe right here, but not next to the table while I’m standing?

Hostess: Yes

Logical Person: But the air that’s blowing on me from the fans and air conditioning, does that not spread COVID too?

Hostess: Gives confused look…

Logical Person: In the air port you must keep 6 feet away from each other while checking into your flight, but as soon as you enter the confined space of the aircraft you must squish together at tight as possible while boarding and sit next to each other for hours on end.

Gives confused look…

We are being trained to follow directions and be obedient even though the rules are ridiculous. Safety and well being are always smart. Not all rules are created equally. The ridiculousness and inconsistent safety requirements that aren’t based on anything scientific at all need to be re-examined.

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