Man Jailed 419 Years For Driving Through Protestors… But The Protestors Attacked First

The person who died was reportedly a 5ft, 419lb woman who was taken to the hospital with injuries and later died of a heart attack at the hospital. The real question is held by the ANTIFA right leader, Dwayne Dixon. Dwayne was changing James (the driver) with a gun which caused James to hit the protesters, who were also attacking him and his car.

At the trial for James Fields, Dwayne Dixon said, “I waved him through with my AK.” OK patriots, when a clear extremist and violent mob are surrounding you, how is some random driver is supposed to discern between “waving through” and “being pointing at” with a gun?

All the while, DUI drivers who choose to drive drunk kill 5 people in a crash and serve less time.

Here is actual footage of the incident in question:

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