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Mark Cuban Ordered The Dallas Mavericks To Stop Playing The National Anthem Before Games

Yes he did it. Yes we think it is unpatriotic to do so. Yes we aren’t big Mark Cuban fans… at all. However, we think this move might be the best move for the team and the NBA and any sports where they players are disrespecting the National Anthem.

It is tradition, and tradition only that the National Anthem is played before sporting events. It is a good thing. It promotes pride in us as Americans and brings us together. Very few things do that these days, and it’s hard to see that go. To let it go is acknowledging our failing Nation.

That said, playing the National Anthem only to see the players disrespect it is far worse and more divisive than simply not playing it. In removing the playing of the National Anthem, the Dallas Maverick players are now unable to protest and show their disregard to the US. Without them able to show their stances, the fans don’t have to be subjected to it thus no conflict arises.

Yes there are other ways of solving this issue, such as forcing the teams to stand during the Anthem. Removing political actions, statements, and themes from being displayed while ‘working’ is another logical step. These players are just like any other employee. They are subject to the rules of the business and owners of the business. They are free to express their own opinions on their own time and do whatever they want on their own time, but the business has the say on what they do while at work.

Luckily the NHL team in Dallas feels different than the Mavericks and understand the importance of tradition and values. They play in the same building as the Mavericks. When news broke that the Anthem wasn’t being played, the Stars stepped up and released a statement of their own.

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1 year ago

owards pandering to extorsion from the left!