McConnell Caves To Dems

As if there was any doubt this would happen. He caved and let the Dems kick the can further down the road in exchange for… absolutely nothing.

The Dems don’t even have enough votes themselves to push their monstrous spending bill, it was dead-on-arrival. McConnell is now giving them time to keep pressuring those Dems who are holding out.

The short-term debt ceiling extension does Republicans no good. The Democrats have all the control and still couldn’t pass their bill because they wouldn’t make any exceptions. This is purely a cave by Republicans, and more than should have been given.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) reaffirmed that his stance on the bill has “not changed” and he only supports a “top line number of $1.5T” maximum.

Some believe that McConnell caved to the debt extension to keep relations with some of the Dems in play. This is important as the Dems are also trying to get rid of the filibuster. In keeping these Dems happy and showing that Republicans are willing to play nice with them, they will hopefully keep their agreements to not pass an end to the filibuster.

All of this still puts the Biden agenda at a standstill. The longer it flounders like this, the less support it will get as the rest of Congress doesn’t want to look bad for not coming up with something more reasonable.

In the end, this is a win for Republicans, even when they eventually give in to a scaled back version of their spending bill. It will still be far less than what they were pushing for in their sweeping agenda.

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Mr Ed
Mr Ed
1 year ago

McConnell is a RINO just like Liz Chenny