McDonald’s To Close Indoor Seating Again

With the rise of the delta variant in the media and pushes from local governments, McDonald’s and other fast food joints are preparing to close indoor seating once again.

Last year McDonald’s joined other establishments in teaming up with local governments to close their indoor seating to stop the spread of COVID. They only recently began allowing their franchisees to reopen locations for indoor seating and are still only at about 70% open rate across all their franchisees.

McDonald’s corporate put out a notice to all their locations that another closure may be on it’s way and detailed steps everyone should take to close up their dining rooms again in areas where COVID is spreading once again, this time under the name of the Delta Variant.

Interestingly, with restaurants closing their indoor seating, fast food companies know for the their quick drive through services saw sales increases last year. So it makes sense that McDonald’s would want to push everyone to close their doors to indoor dining again as they don’t have to compete with every mom and pop restaurant.

Still, franchisees prefer their stores to be open. While they did see sales bump when everyone closed down, their numbers went up even more when the doors finally reopened.

It’s too soon to tell if the bump in numbers at reopening are true increases in business, or just that people are so tired of being stuck at home that they would prefer to go out to eat rather than sit at home.

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Marc S
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