Media Misrepresentation Of Floyd Trial Will Lead To Massive Outrage If Found Not Guilty

Minneapolis is going to burn according to some viewers watching the case unfold in court and the coverage being given on TV from the mainstream media

The media in their eyes is purposefully being misleading and misrepresenting the trial. Very significant prosecution evidentiary problems are being completely ignored or misrepresented by the media. They are setting the stage for their viewers to have unrealistic views of the trial that now if found not guilty, will cause massive riots, and violence.

Is this really any different than what we are seeing with the 2020 election? The media was the decider of what can and cannot be said online, and here they are again deciding what the public should hear about the trial.

According to the media, the case is all but won already at this point, but those watching and following the trial know that is a very close trial thus far… and the defense hasn’t even made their case yet. They have only cross-examined and responded to the case made by the prosecutors thus far, and have done so well that the case is already a 50-50 outcome at best, and we’ve only heard the prosecutions side.

Things you will not find in the media was the police Chief who the media says claims Chauvin didn’t act according to protocol (inciting the public) while hiding the fact that the same Chief admitted that Chauvin’s knee was on George’s shoulder, not his neck like the public believes. Sgt. Stiger admitted that Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe” while actively resisting and fighting the police, long before he was ever restrained on the ground. Both of these testimonies were call by the prosecution, but proved damning evidence against their case, but the media only reported one side of it.

It will come down to the jurors. Unfortunately, they will know in that their verdict will have to be based either solely on the case, or the court of public opinion. No man can serve two masters.

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