Media Obsession with the Cheney Story Distraction

Recently, the American press has been dominated by a story that Republican Representative Liz Cheney is out from the Republican Conference chair in the House of Representatives. Political Press is deliberately presenting the story in such a way that it seems that House Republicans have taken something very important from Representative Liz Cheney but in reality, they have not. Press will tell you that House GOP Conference chair the most significant position a Republican could hold in the House but it is not. They are also presenting it in such a way that it is the most important news right now and Americans deeply care about this but they do not.

Most of the media outlets in the United States are deliberately focusing on Cheney’s story to show that everything is going well with the Biden Administration while Republican Party is moving towards its end. When rockets were raining down in Tel Aviv American media was showing the Cheney story. On Wednesday when Joe Biden was holding a presser about the Colonial Pipe shutdown, the media was still holding panel discussions about the Cheney Story.

The American press should focus on more important issues including the border crisis under Biden Administration or the rise in inflation above the initial Federal Reserve estimate. Unemployment is increasing with each passing day, as the free market of the country is unable to compete with the taxpayer dollars used by the Biden Administration to subsidize the employment. Crimewave is increasing in suburban areas and Biden Administration is rolling back Trump policies on peace in the Middle East. In the middle of all of this, the media could only find the Cheney story the most significant thing in the country right now.

Moving forward, the oust of Liz Cheney represents many things most importantly it represents the increasing grip of Donald Trump on the Republican Party. Many political pundits were predicting that Trump’s grip on the party will weaken once he is out of office. Nevertheless, the oust of Liz Cheney shows that Trump is still the most powerful person in the party. Liz Cheney is the scion of a political family that has dominated GOP politics for a long time. Her oust shows that party leadership is still loyal to Donald Trump. However, contrary to the claims of most political pundits ousting of Liz Cheney in no way predicts the outcome of midterm elections. While GOP may be divided at the moment but still it is not deeply divided and those who opposed Trump are seeing their end one by one. The media is trying to present the idea that the GOP is becoming weak with oust of Cheney while the reality is that even those who respected Cheney know that media is deliberately overblowing the story.

The Republican coup against Liz Cheney is hardly a national referendum against Trump as claimed by many pundits. Liz Cheney was one of those Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in the second impeachment trial and her oust is the Republican referendum against those who opposed the former President while he was trying his best to take back the election that was stolen from him.

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