Millions Are About To Be HOMELESS

Millions of people are potentially at risk of being homeless once the eviction pause gets lifted. Officials are working to get billions in funding to renters to pay their back due rents in order to not be pushed out by landlords when the memorandum gets lifted.

This begs the question as to what is best to do. Landlords have been stuck footing the bill for months on end with little to no relief as their tenants get to live rent free thanks to the Government. On one hand, bailing out the back due renters will relieve these landlords of the debts they’ve been forced to accrue. On the other hand, we are now spending more and more money and not solving the problem of millions of people not being able to afford rents.

Add into the mix the issue of the multiple COVID variants now floating about and multiple cities going BACK into lockdowns, and the mess keeps getting worse. Congress has already approved and passed $46 BILLION in funds for rental assistance. However, only $1.5 billion has thus far made it to those in need. That money was passed in both December and March, and they have waited till now to spend nearly the entire amount. The eviction memorandum ends at the end of the current month, July 31st.

According to the June census survey data, there are 11.5 million adults who are currently behind on rent. Of those 11.5 million adults, 1 in 5 renters with children in the home are behind on rent. The money is there, the local governments have simply dropped the ball. They haven’t gotten to the people who need it.

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1 year ago

This should have never been done in the first place and giving this lazy people money to pay rent is stupid they will not pay their rent they will go out partying or vacation, shopping spree, if you do anything send it directly to the owner, but tell these lazy people to get a job their free ride on taxpayers is over, we taxpayers should sue our government for using OUR money for illegals, lazy, people no excuses every type of job is out there every where you look Help Wanted that includes these on welfare-that are able bodied must get a job, if need some help is ok but to set on your azz while we working taxpayers money is waisted on good for nothing lazy people has to stop

Carolyn Carpenter
Carolyn Carpenter
1 year ago

Our present administration is destroying our country. It must be peacefully stopped.

Reply to  Carolyn Carpenter
1 year ago

Or not ! Take back by force if all else fails.