MTG Is Forcing The Democrats Jan 6. Rhetoric To Crumble

This is a big issue thanks to Biden claiming it was the largest attack against America in his State Of The Union address and holding attendees politically captive. The implications of this are big and far reaching according to lawyers. The fact that Pelosi ignored the request should either land her in jail for being complicit to Jan 6, or release everyone charged for the Jan 6. storming of the capital. They shouldn’t be able to go both ways.

Trust has been shattered between the government and the people. Just like a person who cheats in a relationship, the relationship is never the same. The damage is done and it will never heal. It can only start the healing process when someone admits guilt. The Democrats are forcing this relationship to work but it can’t, it won’t, until someone admits they were wrong. All this lying about rona, Nov 3, Jan 6th, impeachments, etc., has eroded all faith in our leaders.

It was a terrible miscalculation on their part and if they wanted change they could have done it honestly and over time. Everyone knows they just want it to go away with the passage of time, a black stain on the history books. This is one that there is no turning back. Either the truth is exposed and they accept responsibility, or the ship sinks. We are taking in a lot of water and our days are numbered unless a collective group of people realize what they have done.

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1 year ago

The January 6,2021 riot did not happen. So what I saw live on TV was faked?

Reply to  Greg
1 year ago

The bad ones were DNC/FBI crisis actors dressed in MAGA gear!

John Gaines
John Gaines
1 year ago

Joe Biden should be impeached and charged with treason. Anyone else who was complicit and participated in the fraud in any manner should be arrested and charged appropriately. All brought to a military tribunal court of law. This must never happen again.