MULTIPLE Constitutional Violations

Biden is a “habitual violator” of Constitution.

Appearing in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Texas Governor Greg Abbott blasted President Joe Biden as a “habitual violator of the US Constitution” when asked about the president’s new sweeping vaccine mandates for 100 million American workers.

Abbott had previously derided Biden’s new vaccine rules as a “power grab” in a tweet he wrote in reaction to the president’s announcement last week and immediately issued an Executive Order protecting Texans’ right to choose to have the vaccine or not.

The governor also detailed how Texas is opening up antibody therapy centers which are free to all citizens in the state and can be recommended by a doctor.

Regeneron’s antibody therapy has been shown to be effective and has recently been authorized in the UK. Florida is also opening antibody therapy centers to make the Regeneron drug accessible to patients that have had it recommended to them across the State.

The Texas Governor himself tested positive for Covid earlier in the summer and used Regeneron’s antibody drug to fully recover, as he detailed in his talk with Hannity. President Trump was also administered the drug during his short stay in hospital.

Many studies have concluded that monoclonal antibodies (which is what Regeneron’s drug is) are incredibly effective in treating and curing Covid-19 infection in all patients, hence their approval in many countries. Podcast host Joe Rogan used the same drug, as well as the now controversial ivermectin, to recover from the virus two weeks ago.

President Biden has been facing mounting backlash over his recent new vaccine mandate rules and state governor’s such as Abbott are now joining together in a bid to challenge Biden’s mandate in the courts with Florida Gov. Ron De Santis threatening $5,000 fines for cities that enforce the new vaccine mandates on public employees in the State.

A big question that remains unanswered is why are therapeutic treatments which have a proven track record of efficacy not being given the same level of attention and promotion as the vaccines?

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1 year ago

Sure wish the repubs in congress would step up and treat Biden like they did Trump and impeach the man.

1 year ago

The whole biden administration, most of congress, and senate need to be arrested and Charged with TREASON, plus those criminal millionaires billionaires that doing this to this Country, all those that are doing these illegal Un-Constitutional thing need to be held Accountable and punishment to fit the crimes No deals, No pardons, all assets ceased and given to the Taxpayers, then we need term limits No more healthcare, retirement, pay cut in half if not more, No government officials state or federal should make over what a Factory worker makes it is The working people Taxes pay them, really need to go back to only paid when in Washington doing their job and minor pay, it’s a civic duty just like being a juror

1 year ago

With the amount of manure brained hypocrites that elected(stole) said Looney wake up and realize what’s going on, the constitution will never be followed.