Never Forget, Fauci Is That Guy In The 80’s Who Spread The Fake Science Fear That Just Hugging Someone With AIDS, Will Give You AIDS Too

Naturally, Fauci learned this when he spent copious amount of time and federal dollars attending gay bath houses on the tax payers dime. It seems that nothing has chanced.

Fauci Was Duplicitous On The AIDS Epidemic Too – AIER American Institute for Economic Research LINK

The American Institute for Economic Research published an article on Fauci, highlighting his ‘accomplishments’ with the AIDS pandemic. See that article here.

Fauci was lauded as a forward thinking scientist back in the day and the Democrats took notice. They knew that if they could lock down someone willing to bend the facts and still claim to be a respected scientist then they could accomplish many progressive goals playing on the fear of the people.

It worked. Here we are today with Fauci at the head of twisted pandemic. One that has lower mortality rate in children than the common flu.

What will he do next? Refuse to end lockdowns until the more deadly common flu has been eradicated?

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