New HAUNTING Numbers of Infected Vaxed People

According to data collected by Bloomberg from 35 states, 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases have been identified in the US through the end of July.

The CDC stopped collecting data on breakthrough cases in May unless it ended up as hospitalization or death. The CDC stopped tracking these cases as the Delta variant began to spread. The 111,748 cases are 10 TIMES the CDC’s count when they stopped tracking in May.

The Biden Admin, Big Media, and the CDC have since called this the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” – simply because they stopped tracking Covid cases of the vaccinated.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped comprehensively tracking what are known as vaccine breakthrough cases in May, the consequences of that choice are only now beginning to show.

At the time, the agency had identified only 10,262 cases across the U.S. where a fully vaccinated person had tested positive for Covid. Most people who got infected after vaccination showed few symptoms, and appeared to be at low risk of infecting others.

But in the months since, the number of vaccine breakthrough cases has grown, as has the risk that they present. And while the CDC has stopped tracking such cases, many states have not. Bloomberg gathered data from 35 states and identified 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases through the end of July, more than 10 times the CDC’s end-of-April tally.

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Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes
1 year ago

It’s the same with the influenza virus.Nobody gets the flu any more,they always blame the corona virus.I bet you could get hit by a truck and they would blame the corona virus.

BREAKING NEWS…….A man was struck by a large truck out on the freeway today and died on the scene from the corona virus.

c Palin
c Palin
Reply to  Dan Hughes
1 year ago

That is true. A man in Colorado who had RECOVERED from covid was shot – murdered. They listed cause of death as Covid !!