Now THIS Is A Proper Protest

Let this be a warning to all restaurants and bars around the world. Look no further than what is happening in France. Restaurants and bars are admitting “vaccinated customers only”.

In protest, the citizens of France have been going out to the restaurants and bars….. to picnic. Hundreds of people are going out and enjoying fresh air and company, while bringing their own food as the restaurants and bars that they would have attended sit mostly empty.

This is a wonderful way to protest. Put your money where your mouth is and let these establishments see what happens when they push too far. Non violent yet making their point. They don’t hate the restaurants, they are showing that they would love to be there. They are showing that the rules are wrong.

While many are still yelling and screaming that they wish the other party would just die, either from COVID or the vaccine depending on which side you are on, the French are banding together.

The world needs more unity at this time. Compassion and understanding goes a long ways. Alas, until more citizens get that and get rid of leaders who don’t, I fear more of these ridiculous mandates will spread. Hopefully more peaceful protesting does as well.

America… get ready!

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1 year ago

Can’t get vaccinated to many allergies, but I would not even if I could so you won’t get my business this is bull we all have to deal with this just like the flu I can’t take that eather

1 year ago

Good for them, they could teach the “woke” in this country some things…jus sayin I used to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods all the time, now, I won’t even drive by the damn store…leave politics out of your retail business or pay the price!