Obama Secretly Funded SARS-COVID Research Days Before He Left Office

We are just finding out that in the last days Obama was in office, after Trump had won the Election and was about to step into Presidency, Obama secretively approved funding and work into biological weapons and SARS testing. Could this pandemic all have been part of a master plan by Obama and the deep state after all?

This point was originally reported on by where they laid out a timeline for the possible funding of COVID-19 and it’s origins. In that timeline we see all the way back to 2014. In 2014 the funding of a research into weaponizing SARS was paused due to the extreme risk of a pandemic should this ever be release, accidentally or on purpose.

However, the US Government added a secret passage to allow the continued research so long as they determine it “urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security”. Apparently public health and national security was safe so long as the studies were done in Wuhan China. Fears of this secret funding have been the reason many top level officials are against opening the books and investigating COVID’s origin as a “pandora’s box”.

In 2016 (election year), Fauci’s NSABB came out and said that studies of potential pandemic pathogens (an enhanced PPP), have significant risks even if there are potential benefits to public health and should thus be under additional scrutiny prior to any funding being given to such enhanced PPP’s, like SARS-COVID.

After the election and Trump won, on Jan 7th, just days before Trump takes office and a few days after top Democrats secretively met in the oval office, Obama quietly authorized the funding for the creation of SARS biological weapons, aka SARS-COVID.

The timing is extremely suspicious at the very least. Unfortunately, those secret dealing and meetings are just that, secret. The world may never really know what kind of secret combinations took place behind the scenes of the pandemic, but the little glimpses we get are highly suspicious indeed.

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1 year ago

Obama should be charged with Fauci and China over the pandemic that cost so many Americans their lives. He should also be charged with a crime that he is running the white house. Get Obama, Biden, Kamala and Pelosi OUT NOW. They are ruining our country.

william g munson
1 year ago

Well everybody needs to Read this and Share it too and save it for We have been telling you all of this for sometime and it was Planned too and to depopulate the People too and Bill Gates and Wife too gave money to them and was over there back years ago too

1 year ago

…and yet, no one is arrested!