OSHA Rules: Companies That Require Employees To Get The Vaccine Are Liable For All Adverse Reactions

In a stunning move that many employers are saying goes against the Biden Administration’s goal of complete vaccination levels, OSHA is doing the right thing.

OSHA is doing what OSHA has always done, hold businesses and companies liable for anything they or their employees do. In this case, if a business requires a COVID vaccine for work, then that business must be held liable and record any adverse reactions to the vaccine as part of their recordable safety incidents.

It will now qualify as a work related injury and employees can now qualify for time off, and compensation resulting in reactions to the vaccine.

This has been a sticking point (no pun intended) for many to not get the vaccine. Health insurance, life insurance, and workers comp haven’t been paying out for any vaccination related injuries including death. They view it as a choice and risk because it is an untested and not required vaccine. From a math and science standpoint in insurance carriers eyes, the risk is too high and thus uninsurable.

That all changes and the risk is now placed on these businesses that require the vaccine for their employees. What happens next will be interesting. If companies continue to require the vaccine and employees continue to have these health issues from the vaccine that insurance wont cover, that’ll have to come from the businesses pockets. Which can quickly bankrupt a company that is unprepared for massive medical costs not covered by insurance.

So, what do we do now? Many businesses have stopped requiring the vaccine. If you own a business, you should not make it a requirement for your workers as well. If you are an employee and your work is forcing the vaccine, put it on paper and make the business sign that they are forcing the vaccine for work and they are responsible for any adverse reactions.

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