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Pennsylvania Had More Ballots Cast Than Number Of Voters Who Voted?

“Where is the evidence?” We’ve heard it enough. If anyone is asking that still, they are living under a rock. The President of the United States has been forced to show and link evidence of complete fraud from Twitter.

Let’s dig into this a bit shall we? Since Twitter doesn’t allow for long posts with detailed info, we’ll do it for you. In fact, many other twitter followers were able to do just this. Take a look at this tweet from Russ Diamond:

In this Tweet we see the nice infographic with the total ballots cast in Pennsylvania.

Here we see that the state recorded 6,760,230 total voters actually voted in the election. This is straight from the DoS/SURE system of the State. Yet, somehow in this race tabulations, we see that the state somehow had 6,962,607 ballots cast. Since we haven’t been able to do a signature and forensic audit of the State, this is all the information we get to work with. There is a discrepancy of over 200,000 ballots that were cast by…. nobody. Or possibly, some voters voted multiple times and they weren’t caught. It was enough to overturn the election.

So how exactly does the state certify votes when clearly it doesn’t add up. That would be like my family of 5 getting 23 separate stimulus checks. I would go to jail. Instead we are turning a blind-eye.

What is going to be done?

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1 year ago

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…I’m counting on it