People Are Getting Tattoos To Mark Themselves As Having Been Vaccinated

The mark of the beast is upon us! No, not really. Some people just seem to really love tattoos and COVID, or at least COVID had so much power over them that they tattooed their vaccination date to their body like many former drug addicts tattoo dates of their recovery.

Check out some of these tattoos people have been getting:

Our favorite ones are the “I survived COVID” variety. We love that they feel special enough to mark themselves as a slap in the face to anyone who did lose a loved one, or just the fact that anyone alive now to enjoy those tattoos with the tattooed have also “survived” COVID.

What do you think? Dumb, fun or smart?

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1 year ago

The one tattoo looks like a concentration camp number…
It’s a free country (?) people can do what they want…
I’m proud to say I haven’t been tested, I haven’t gotten the virus and I haven’t gotten the vaccine and I’m 73 and I won’t need a tattoo…
and I am very thankful…