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Police Erect Fence Around Church Blocking Worship After Pastor Released From Jail For Defying Lockdown

Alberta Canada, The GraceLife Church opened it’s door to worshipers during the lockdown. That resulted in the pastor of the church, James Cotes, being jailed for violating lockdown orders on March 5th, around 1 month ago. Which is a full year after the lockdowns began.

Now that Pastor Cotes has been released from jail, police have set up double layered security fencing and road blocks blocking the roads to the church.

It is sickening. Pastor Cotes opened his church for Easter Worship and was sent to jail. Mind you, breaking lockdowns is a non prison time offence in Canada. He was also fined $1,500 but now that he has served time they may count that as credit towards the fine.

Many are calling for worshipers to join in prayer and worship around the fence of the church now. Much like the wailing wall in Israel. We hope they do.

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