President Trump’s Unprecedented Impeachment

In an astonishing act, Congress has officially impeached President Trump, again. This time, however, the circumstances were very different. So different that Congress has to break their own rules in order to pull it off. Much like a child throwing a tantrum, they just wanted their way regardless of the rules or consequences. It was a pathetic show of childish behavior. Hopefully, one that will show the world their true characters, or lack thereof.

It all happened in just 7 hours. In those 7 short hours, Congress impeached The President Of The United States with absolutely ZERO due process. There was no Judiciary committee hearing that looked into the issue with bipartisan support ahead of time. Not a single witness was called. No testimony was ever given. Even worse, they didn’t even give the President an opportunity to defend himself.

Congress has set as terrible precedence with this and has now declared themselves judge, jury, and executioner in a quick 7 hours. All of this of course after the Capital Building protest, which BOOSTED Trump’s ratings. Imagine that, more people approve of President Trump after the protest than before, and Congress decided that He should be impeached.

Some members of Congress have already set in motion to impeach Biden and Harris now due to this ludicrous impeachment. And honestly, that impeachment has far more evidence of succeeding than this does. It will make for an interesting year and future if nothing else.

Well done Congress, you have played yourself.

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