Pro-Abortion Leader Dies During Abortion

María del Valle González López, a 23-year-old pro-abortion leader in Argentina, died recently while undergoing an abortion. On demand abortions have been illegal in Argentina for some time now. It wasn’t until last year December that the law was changed to make it legal, a law that María worked hard to pass.

María del Valle González López was a well known and public figure in the pro-abortion group “Union Civica Radica”. This is a very left wing party in Argentina that is closely affiliated with the “Socialists International” organization. María was elected just last year as the president of the youth section of the Radicals..

Her tragic death, according to the autopsy report, was attributed to a hemorrhage and general septicemia. An investigation is ongoing into whether or not malpractice played a part in her death.

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Christopher Murphy
Christopher Murphy
1 year ago

One less demon in human skin