Putin Has Challenged Biden To A Live Televised Debate!

Biden might just be the perfect person in place to finally get rid of our national debt! All he needs to do is accept the challenge for a live televised debate from Vladimir Putin and make it a Pay-Per-View event. Unfortunately, Biden wont even face reporters, gets upset that he even has to do a state of the union address and says it’s a three week minimum to hold such to prepare himself for it. Even if the reporters treated it like an Election Debate and hand him all the questions in advance, the likelihood of this happening would still be… zero.

Putin, of course, already knows this. The world knows this. This is Putin putting the US and Biden down and mocking us. It’s sad, and it’s our new reality. This is a negotiation tactic that Biden just lost at.

Besides, we can’t even fathom how this debate would go: one individual has a disadvantage when it comes to speaking English, and the other is Vladimir Putin.

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