R Kelly Agrees To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Before what is obviously going to happen again, let us be one of the first to say, “R Kelly did NOT kill himself.”

R Kelly was recently found guilty on 9 crimes that included sex trafficking, kidnapping, and a sexual exploitation of a child. He is now facing 100 years in prison… unless he can come up with intel that brings down the infamous Hollywood pedophile ring.

Kelly believes he can deliver and thus reduce his time. He claims to have the ability to expose a famous rapper and another who is a famous singer.

This is not the first time a high profile person has promised to deliver on the goods to expose the Hollywood, A-list celebrities, and powerful business and political leader pedophile rings. We just hope that something is done to those who seem to be untouchable.

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1 year ago

it would be worth giving him a reduced sentence if he could give up ALL the names and stop everybody