Rino’s Are Deep In Trouble

On the eve of the 2020 election, Arizona hosted a nearly 100 mile long Trump train. Then Trump somehow lost Arizona in the election to Joe Biden. The citizens know something is wrong. A 100 mile Trump train doesn’t make sense unless Arizona was going for Trump.

The citizens have been revolting against the GOP in their state. The Rino’s in Arizona are in trouble, and if this attitude catches and spreads nationwide, then Rino’s everywhere need to be on high alert. Conservatives are taking down these do nothing Rino’s.

In Arizona, Rino’s who aren’t onboard the conservative America First train are getting replaced or resigning themselves. The people have spoken and the Rino’s are out.

According to the Secretary of State In AZ, the GOP grew in Arizona. That growth has scared many of the Rino’s who have stepped down. These are the Rino’s who elected and kept McCain in office. The type of Rino’s that the Republican Party does not want to identify with any longer.

It does make sense. McCain was Arizona’s Senator for a very long time and has strong roots in the area, but it seems those roots have finally been pulled up and the people are planting new roots. Roots for America First, roots for Trump and conservatives who think like him and put this country and it’s people first.

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1 year ago

I had some personal acquaintance with John McCain. I liked John McCain. The vile rumors which were floated about him, esp. about his time in a N. Vietnamese prison were vicious BS. He was a hero. He was humane. He was funny AF when he wanted to be. And for a long time, I agreed with most of his positions and, at the least, I appreciated that McCain, during the long, dark decades of Democratic control, esp. of the Congress, managed to maintain some “seat at the table” for the GOP. I also felt that he was the only Republican who might have beaten Barack Obama, who was sure to be the darling of the media – remember, this is the same media which subsequently made a hero out of a drugged up thug like George Floyd, so it was easy to guess where they’d throw their support when a “clean” and “well spoken” black man (an embarrassingly racist assessment made by Democrats, btw) ran for the Presidency. The problem is that McCain, finally within sight of the “brass ring”, forgot who he was. He didn’t know if he was conservative or moderate or liberal and his persona and message changed at every event. He ran one of the worst campaigns ever and he deservedly got trounced. Then along comes Donald Trump, a man who was almost guaranteed to rub McCain wrong – and he won. McCain, in my estimate, lost it, his last few years consumed by jealousy directed at Trump. It was beneath him and it was a self-betrayal and, unfortunately, it provided cover for a group of milquetoast Republicans who no longer serve the Party’s natural constituency, but don’t blame McCain for people like Romney or Mikulski.

John Gamble
Reply to  oldedude
1 year ago

I agree with the statement. The G.O.P.must rid the RINOS in the party. Our beloved America is being destroyed by the radical left. These traitors hate this country.They are using the same methods that the communist party used to take control of countries in the past.Divide the people by using race, religion and lies. Steal their money by huge taxes. Take away jobs by closing industry. Then devalue their money by inflation.Take away their Guns. Then let chosen banks buy their money for pennies on the dollar. Wake up Americans unite. Do not fall for this scheme. Stand together White,Black,Brown, Asian etc ,we are one people unite against Biden, his mentor Obama and their followers before its to late.God bless America.