Road Rage Gone WRONG

Road rage in Texas is a little different.

In this case, a motorcyclist became enraged in traffic and decided to come to a complete stop on the roadway. Being in Texas, he had a gun and pulled it out on the car he stopped in front-of while enraged. As we said previously, this is Texas, so the driver of the vehicle the motorcyclist stopped also had a gun.

The driver of the car told the motorcyclist to put his gun down. He did not and instead started a ol’ fashioned Texas showdown. Sadly, the motorcyclist was shot and killed.

The driver didn’t seem to want to have to shoot the motorcyclist, but when it comes down to him or you, a choice must be made.

The real question is what is causing all the rage in people these days? Stress and anxiety are at an all time high across the country.

Between COVID lockdowns affecting mental health and normal life, freedoms being taken, and social media taking over, mental health is seemingly in short supply.

What is the answer?

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Steve Clinton
Steve Clinton
1 year ago

The moral of the story, never piss off Texas drivers.

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes
1 year ago

I suspect that this is not the first time Mr.Road Rage pulled a gun on an innocent citizen but possibly the first time someone stood his ground and fought back instead of cowering like a sheep headed for slaughter. As the old saying goes….. ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’. Maybe his mama will miss him. lol