San Fran Cannabis Tax FAILURE

San Francisco is dealing with all kinds of issues. The pandemic is in full force out there thanks to mandate after mandate. Homelessness is rampant. The rich are fleeing. Rent prices are sky-rocketing thanks to the eviction memorandum. Drug use and overdoses are at an all time high. The city is being plagued with looters and organized shoplifting sprees forcing store closures during the prime shopping season.

Even with all those massive failures, the shining start of failures was just announced. The city has been forced to suspend it’s tax on Cannabis. The dispensaries and entire cannabis industry in California is being decimated due to all the taxes and red tape. Turns out the people don’t want to pay government prices, and turn to street dealers instead. Now all the businesses are faced with absolute bankruptcy.

Remember back when California voted to legalize pot on the premise that the tax revenue would bring more good than harm. Well, now that tax money is gone in a puff of smoke.

This has been a wonder eye opener for many young progressives on the nature of Government. They thought they had won a war in legalizing pot. Instead they were taught a first hand lesson on Government regulation and it’s effect on producers.

True capitalism has won instead. The people have chosen higher quality and cheaper product from the streets rather than the far more expensive and ineffective product that the Government is pushing.

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