School Board Too Embarrassed To Discuss Sex-Ed With Parents

An angry mother confronts the school board in charge of teaching the kids in her area. She brings up topics in the school’s book covers for sex-ed.

She mentions some the topics covered including masturabtion and anal sex. When she does the board who is not videoed must have visibly been shaken at speaking about such topics. This angy mother then calls them out on their reactions and say that this is what the board approved. They approved this book and these topics that are for 10 year olds to be taught to 5 year olds. Yet, not even the board members could handle it.

As more and more parents speak up against critical race theory being taught in school, mask mandates, and re-opening schools, school boards and teachers have been on the back-peddle all year. The masses are done with the games and control and are now fighting back.

What’s your thoughts on this? Should the schools teach these things?

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Dianne Lampkin
1 year ago

Schools are wrong to teach sex education like they are today, and definitely critical race theory should be banned. First, sex education should be taught in boy or girl groups, not together. Kids need to know about sex and often a parent isn’t going to discuss it. But they do not need to know the intricate parts that schools think they should teach today. Students need to be taught that abstaining from sex, of any kind, is what should be done. They need to know that peer pressure is not something they need to fall for. As for critical race theory, it needs to be thrown out all together. No race should be made to feel guilty for anything. We need to quit baiting one group against the other. Allow children to grow up learning everyone is equal, and we are maybe different colors, hair colors, languages, etc. That does not make us bad, we are all God’s children.