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Scott Adams Correctly Frames The Congressional Inssuraction For The Left To Better Understand

Scott Adams is the creator and author of Dilbert comics. He has lately been famed for growing a political commentary podcast where he points out absurdities and tries to enlighten his listeners with facts and how to see the world via the eyes of a hypnotist.

On Jan.13th Adams showcased the absurdity of the left calling the Capital State “riot” as insurrectionists. The very idea that this group of people was actively trying to topple a government or even an election is so preposterous that Adams was able to play with others on Twitter to help them see how delusional and brainwashed the sheeple have been thanks to the media.

What Scott Adams was pointing out is that a 10-day audit was the job of congress to do. No they did not have to do it, but it was the correct logical step for them to do when half the country doesn’t trust the results and court after court refused to even hear the cases. That is what the protest/riot was all about. A protest that forces Congress to do their job is not an insurection, in fact that is the exact opposite.

Yet somehow the blind are still following the lies.

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