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Secret Service Is Reported To Have Been Involved In A Strange Gun Case Involving Hunter Biden

This report was first exposed and posted for the public by the Instead of rehashing the entire story here, you can read that on the NYPost link above, we just wanted to give some thoughts we had and a brief TLRD for those who haven’t read the article

In short, Hunter Biden purchased a gun while he was dating his dead brother’s wife. He was heavy on drug use and thus purchasing a fire arm should have been restricted for him. He lied about it (felony) on the paperwork he filled out to obtain the gun. The girl friend (brother’s ex-wife) was afraid he’d use the weapon and tossed the gun in the trash where a local trash picker found the weapon and turned it in. The Secret Service got involved and retrieved the records of the purchase from the gun store. Nothing ever came of the investigation.

There is just so much wrong with all this, we don’t know where to begin. The Secret Service covering things up for the Bidens, A brother dating his dead brother’s wife, or a mentally unhealthy person being able to buy fire arms.

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