Something Is Happening – FBI Raids NYPD HQ

FBI raided the HQ offices of Ed Mullin as well as his home in an ‘ongoing investigation’. Mullin is a firecracker who represents the NYPD Union and is known for picking fights with politicians pushing politics onto the police. He is also a known Trump supporter.

Many are questioning the FBI’s motives here saying that this is just another instance of the politicized FBI attacking political opponents of Biden and the left. Using Federal Law Enforcement to go after your political opposition is pretty much illegal and unconstitutional.

The power elites in this country are no longer operating within the Constitution or legal boundaries. They see the populist MAGA movement as a threat and are pulling out all the stops to extinguish the threat before they lose all control to the people.

This is happening on the same day that it was leaked that Federal Investigators are issuing warrants for Google to turn over anyone who types in certain search terms. This is the same FBI that used unconstitutional warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign on behalf of the Democrats and pass off intel to them to take Trump down.

In case you think these are just isolated cases, they aren’t. The FBI openly admitted yesterday of not even tracking leftist violence. They are only focused on anyone who opposes the Left and their agenda.

For a final example, we have the left utilizing Federal Law Enforcement to go after parents who oppose critical race theory being taught in their schools. This is blatant and scary. The left thinks it’s all fun and games while the FBI is taking down their opponents being completely oblivious that the tides will turn, as they always do. If the power grab is not stopped now and hard with harsh criminal sentences, the tide will turn against them.

Let’s go Brandon.

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1 year ago

If the FBI is involved it is probably a set up. Sorry don’t trust fbi, doj, cia, or any of DC outfits. Think they are all dirty

Michael Greene
Michael Greene
1 year ago

The MAGA hordes aren’t about power to the people. They’re interested in giving all power to Donald Trump, so he can live his dream as an absolute dictator.

Vito J Congine Jr
Vito J Congine Jr
Reply to  Michael Greene
1 year ago

You must work for one of the acronym agencies abusing their powers. Answer me this; Did you see President Trump send anyone from the acronym agencies after one of his political opponents? Let me help you with that answer, NO! The country is falling to Socialist Elite rule. I hope you like bowing, because it is coming. If you don’t think it is happening you’re an ostrich hiding your head in the sand. Perhaps you didn’t mind all the rioting in the streets of major cities, all the destruction, chaos and murder. In case you forgot, or refused to hear it, President Trump tried to send the National Guard to each of the insurrectionist cities, and their leaders all refused. The socialist use tactics to divide the people then usurp the peoples power. Yes, the peoples power i.e. elections. The audits that were conducted were not to determine the numbers of ballots counted, it was to determine whether the ballots counted were legitimate, or not. Nearly 28,000 ballots in Maricopa County alone were found to be invalid. Read the report!