State-Sponsored Labor Shortage

Earlier this week president Biden addressed the issue of increasing unfilled job vacancies as millions of jobs are going unfilled in the struggling economy. The president also could not deny the irregularity of the trend as on one side people are saying that there are no jobs in the country but on the other side millions of vacancies are going unfilled. However, the President along with his economic advisors is denying the real reason behind the trend that is the generous unemployment benefit due to which people no longer feel the need to work and why should they when they are being paid more for doing nothing. According to the president of the United States, there is not much evidence to prove this point.

President is right to some degree to say that there is no evidence to support it, why should there be when they do not care to find one. The employment numbers are complied by two surveys conducted by the Commerce Department through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One survey was conducted among 144,000 employees while the second one was completed by roughly 54,000 citizens. Interestingly, none of the surveys actually asked if the person has been offered a job and he or she has turned down the offer. How can one expect to find any evidence when you will not even include the question regarding the matter in the survey.

The press conference of Biden was conducted in response to the April jobs report which showed that only 266,000 Americans have rejoined the workforce while government data shows that job openings in March rose from 597,000 to 8.1 million. It could be the highest ever job opening in the current century. In such a situation there is very little need for evidence to know the reality and common sense could alone do the job.

It will not be wrong to say that Biden Administration with its generous unemployment benefits is instigated a state-sponsored labor shortage in the United States. Democrats are too busy proving that they are better than Republicans in every way and care more about the people of the country. In the middle of this, they are completely ignoring the damage they are doing to the country. If things continue to move in this direction there will soon a decline in production that could lead to worst-case scenario inflation. What will the Biden administration do when they will no longer have the money to pay the generous unemployment benefits will it tell the people that they should have worked instead of relying completely on the unemployment benefit. Even if they could find enough courage to tell them what difference will it make then.

It is very clear that the government is responsible for the labor shortage in the United States and there is no need for any evidence or picket lines to prove this. President believes that people will come back to work once they are paid a decent wage but what about the damage to production capacity until then.

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Buzz Waldron
1 year ago

NYTimes has same lie as Jomentia…