Supreme Court Just Dealt A Massive Blow To The Democrats

In a defiant move contrary to the Biden Administration and Democrats In Congress, the Supreme Court just ruled against their plans. Really it was an overruling of the 9th Circuit Judges, and it sets a precedence against what Dems have been trying to push.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Courts and Country cannot and should not blindly trust the reasons immigrants give in seeking asylum. The Dems have been pushing through their liberal courts to allow asylum to anyone who asks for it, blindly accepting whatever story they tell, to grant them asylum.

The case was highlighted by two immigrants who were originally denied asylum at the boarder, but later granted asylum by the Courts of the 9th Circut stating that America should believe the any immigrant’s story as truth. It came to light later that both these two defendants lied in their seeking of asylum.

One was a Chinese national who didn’t have a job back in China and didn’t want to return with his wife who returned to see her father and keep her job there, and daughter who returned to school in China. He claimed he was seeking asylum from the CCP and the oppressive measures in China. The second defendant was a Mexican national who was found to have been convicted of abducting and beating his girl-friend in California, claimed he was seeking asylum for fear of his life in Mexico.

The Supreme Courts Decision on this matter sets a new precedence that’s good for America and will help to stop the flow of immigrants flowing into the country for no reason beyond wanting to.

What are your thoughts, should America open it’s boarders to anyone who seeks it?

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Curtis Martin
1 year ago

I can’t see that AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO JUST LET THIS GO….. This is why the Supreme Court should have never let biden step in…but, it was already settled in Iran, when America nuked their nuclear weapons, they got us back…by letting biden win. They made it happen..AND THE SUPREME COURT DID NOTHING…NOW LET THEM SPEAK…

1 year ago

With all the immigrants coming in now their children are suffering in in cages. That should be considered neglect. Send all Aliens back to their homes WITH their CHILDREN.