Texas Just Made It Harder To Protest

In a Tweet on May 22nd, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas let out that the Senate passed legislation that would be a serious roadblock for BLM and Antifa Rioters.

In the legislation that was passed, protestors that block roadways will be slapped with felonies in the great state of Texas. Emergency vehicles need access to the roadways to reach people in need. No matter your cause, blocking emergency vehicles is not the answer.

That said, BLM and Antifa protestors have been doing just that for years. Blocking emergency vehicles from getting to their destinations quickly, or even at all.

Included in blocking roadways they also made special mention of not being able to block hospital entrances for the same obvious reason.

When common sense is gone, rule of law goes with it.

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Cheryl Perryman
Cheryl Perryman
11 months ago

Go Texas! Proud of YOU. Other states need to do the same.

Cheryl Perryman
Cheryl Perryman
11 months ago

All states need to do this for emergency or wok reasons.

11 months ago

Good for Texas! We need more politicians stand up and take back their State and stand up to these rioters! Thank you! Hopefully more to come!!!

11 months ago

Finally someone to stand up
To these left wing idiots.
Why don’t they go into the
Cities and protest black on black

10 months ago

So obvious and yet it needs legislation? Do Cops need Teddy Bears too?