The BIG Money Behind Assassinations

Does anyone else find the timing extremely suspicious of the President was Haiti that was assassinated by highly trained special-ops assassins, including at least two American mercenaries?

After-all, this President was trying to prevent WHO from brining the Vaccine into his country. He didn’t trust it and was trying to block it. He gets assassinated and TWO days later Biden’s press secretary is announcing that vaccines are now arriving in one week into Haiti.

That seems awfully suspect that the main roadblock to vaccinating all the people in the country is one man, and that man is suddenly assassinated “for other reasons”, and now the WHO and Biden Administration are flooding in to administer the vaccine.

At 10 million people in Haiti, that’s 20 million vaccine doses. We don’t know the profit levels for each dose, but figure a nice $30 per dose and there is what it’s worth to get the vaccine into Haiti: $600 MILLION+. Add in boosters, new variants, testing, delivery, etc. and this is a billion dollar hit job if connected to the assassination.

It’s a scary time to be a President who opposes the vaccine.

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1 year ago

The current events sound more and more like a bad novel