The Data Is IN. Conservatives Say “I Told You So”

The unemployment data is coming in each week from all US states. The numbers are still struggling to the bewilderment of Biden and Democrats. They can’t understand why unemployment numbers are still so high when there are lots of job openings.

Conservatives on the other hand have known all along the reason. They’ve even been censored and ridiculed for telling the reason. As the data keeps piling up, conservative voices have nothing left to say other than, “I told you so.”

There have been 27 states that ended the extra $300 a week in extra unemployment benefits. The data is showing that in those states, people have been miraculously returning to work. In the states that have kept the extra $300 a week in benefits, workers still aren’t returning to work.

It is being reported that these 27 states who ended their extra benefits have seen unemployment drop by 32%. States that are still offering the extra benefits have only seen a 14% decrease in unemployement.

The data screams the obvious. The extra $300 ontop of normal benefits is preferable to people to stay home and collect money doing nothing rather than go out and potentially earn more.

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1 year ago

All talk until the money runs out. Pretty much Money talks.

1 year ago

We, in Australia are in yet another strictly enforced & continuous lockdown .. still. Million dollar businesses have shut down .. only that the capacity for insolvency & bankruptcy has been put on hold .. so it will not be see to be happening.
Over the last few weeks .. mainstream media TV news & current affairs programs have been .. over talking the compulsory superannuation funds & how well they are performing .. there has been a revamp to refine & maximise service & profit.
How is it possible that these funds are performing without regular contributions ??
Most of Australia is not at work ??
Is the Australian government paying the compulsory superannuation contributions for those citizens who no longer have employment ??
It is being suggested that the supper funds are bleeding out .. this would explain the ADF patrolling the streets & the verbal threats being spewed forth all over the media outlets.
A concerted effort to .. quickly .. get everyone to vaccinate.
The money is running out .. our beloved nation is financially screwed.

1 year ago

For anyone making $80k or less, it’s far better to sit at home and collect UI. In my state people were making $800 a week while on UI.
Grab medicade and you are set. Sit at home and do whatever you want. No more work stress, no more driving to work in traffic dealing with whatever political BS is at your workplace. It is easy to live on $800 a week and live a good life.

And they wonder why nobody wants to go back to work… idiots.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

That is more than I get from my Govt. retirement. Looks like I wasted 31 years working for the US Govt.