The DOJ Is Now Interfering In The AZ Audit

A Picture of the Live Feed of the AZ Election Audit Taking Place

The DOJ sent a letter to the Arizona Senate regarding their concerns about the forensic audit of Maricopa County ballots. This is the same DOJ that pushed for a Trump Impeachment, multiple times and with fake evidence they created even, that is now trying to get involved in the election audit.

They wrote a letter to the AZ Senate with some of the concerns they have the audit. We read the letter and can summarize it for our leaders. A full copy of the letter is attached below.

  1. First, the DOJ is not taking any action at this point. Just a letter to the senate with their concerns. Whether or not they act on anything is yet to be seen.
  2. The first point of contention is that under the law, the ballots need to be kept under the control of the State for a 22 month period of time to keep from anything being tampered. They are worried that the State is not doing that and giving over full control to Cyber Ninjas Audit team.
  3. The second point of contention is the forensic audit team reaching out and contacting suspicious addresses to verify that people live there and that they voted. They claim this may be voter intimidation.

That’s the bulk of the email that goes on for two and a half pages.

At this time, the DOJ has not physically gotten involved with the audit beyond this letter. However, it certainly sets them up to step in if they so desired. Additionally, it gives them now the power to claim fraud in the audit results, true or not. The AZ Senate is to submit a letter addressing these concerns soon. Hopefully, they will be able to counter these claims and squash any further interference and worry.

From what we hear, Cyber Ninjas along with the AZ officials in charge of the Audit are being exceptionally meticulous with recording and doing the entire process cleanly and highly detail every step of the process. Ever person who touches anything or gets involved in any ways is being noted down every step of the way. Video recordings are being done over the entire process including live streams for the public to watch.

Back to the point, the ball is now in the AZ Senate’s Court to return a letter addressing these Concerns by the DOJ.

Below is the full letter from the DOJ to the AZ Senate, (click to enlarge):

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1 year ago

AZ state officials need to tell the DOJ to mind their own damn business. This is state business and each state can run it’s own elections. The Feds have no business here whatsoever. If they come in, use the county law officers and state police to escort them out of the state. They do not have jurisdiction.

Timothy Yorgan
1 year ago

Any DOJ interference in any states voting mechanism is in violation of the Article I, Sec.4 U.S. Constitution and the federal government is further restricted from interference by 9th and 10th amendment guarantees. Article 10 of the “Bill of Rights” in particular says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” States governors have the power to use the states militias against this intrusion and the DOJ better take note that armed Arizona Rangers are already guaranteeing that federal intervention will be met with resistance.

1 year ago

After reading the letter above, I am seeing that the DOJ is reminding Arizona of the laws in place to protect the aforesaid voting process. The Arizona legislatures response to the letter should suffice any concerns that the DOJ might have. What is disconcerting to me is the DOJ stating their concerns were alerted by what the media was saying without indicating they themselves had done any investigation of their own. One would think if those in charge have any legal background, license, or power then they would investigate accusations being said about the Arizona audit before typing a letter and sending it to Arizona officials. It’s kind of like saying that old adage “getting the cart before the horse.” I’m not sure why they would be concerned unless they have knowledge of impropriety of the voting process that occurred during the election and they are fearful fraudulent proof would get out? Hmm. . .I wonder?? I bet they are not very good poker players.