The GOP Should Be ASHAMED For Allowing This

Recently leaked documents from an Iowan school system give us an idea of what our country and education would look like if the radical left have their way.

Newsmax host Benny Johnson released them in a series of tweets detailing the absurdity of these documents’ contents.

“At the time of this racist training House file 802 was working its way through the Iowa legislature. This bill explicitly banned this style of derogatory, offensive training in ‘mandatory diversity training for state and local government employees.’ This Bill is now Iowa LAW,” Johnson added.

As examples of “covert white supremacy” the school’s training lists:

  • Make America Great Again
  • Denial of Racism
  • Believing all races are part of the same human family
  • Colorblindness (NOT judging people by race)
  • Believing that it is possible to be racist against any race
  • ”Don’t blame me, I never owned slaves”
  • Celebration of Columbus Day

Even with any fraud that may be found in Iowa’s 2020 election, Trump won Iowa by 9 points and 94 out of 99 Iowan counties. This MANDATORY Critical Race Theory (CRT) training, which is ILLEGAL, is pushing teachers to teach their students that over HALF of their home state is racist according to JUST one of the racist examples they give.

Apparently, believing that you SHOULDN’T judge people by race, is now racist. A racist is now simply believing in “reverse-racism”,and believing that non-slave owners shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of slave owners, or celebrating Columbus Day.

Even if you agree with these people on every point, they will still view you as white supremacist because denying racism is another example of racism they give.

Let’s get this straight: according to the MBAEA school system, the only way to NOT be racist is to admit you are racist, judge people by the color of their skin, believe that only one race is racist, believe that all white people are just as bad as slave owners, and believe that not all races belong in the same human family.

Sounds pretty racist to me.

Obviously, the existence of this kind of ideology – let alone teaching it to children – is a major threat to the values that make this country great, such as equality under the law and Constitutional rights. State education is, quite frankly, destroying the United States.

However, this training admits it- “Unlike traditional civil rights which embraces step by step progress, Critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order & principles of constitutional law.”

The slideshow continues on about more harmful far-left ideas, including but not limited to “levels of racism” (Systemic, Institutional, Interpersonal, and Internalized), “terms for deeper understanding,” norms, their own bogus definition of equity, and ice breakers.

When enduring the training, attendees of the meeting were prompted to break into groups to discuss their own whiteness and racism, as well as ask themselves if they might be racist for agreeing with the term “Make America Great Again.” At the end of the training, teachers are given a reading list which includes Robin DeAngelo’s infamous “White Fragility.”

Some schools plan to teach this racist, anti-American Marxist propaganda in the fall. (By the way, Karl Marx, who is the idol of many socialists, communists, and various other degenerates, made it clear that he was very racist and anti-semitic).

This training is not education – it is propaganda that has been weaponized for political vengeance, and they are starting with our children.

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1 year ago

Arrest all the Marxist Democrats for sedition and treason.