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The MLB Clown Show. MLB Moves To State With Voter ID

The MLB recently made the new for pulling out it’s All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia due to a new law recently passed in Georgia meant to make cheating in elections more difficult that would require voter ID. The MLB didn’t like that law and requirement stating that it was racist as minorities wouldn’t be able to get voter ID’s as easily and thus couldn’t vote. That is incorrect on two counts, one they can get id’s, and two they can still vote with provisional ballots. Additionally with this new law, Georgia extended the prevoting abilities for citizens making voting easier than ever before.

In a profoundly stupid move, the MLB spoke up against this new law and pulled its All Star game from Atlanta. Funny thing is the area that would have benefited most from this game would be the blue strong-hold of the Democrats. They are hurting their own people. You can say, they voted and got what they deserved. But the irony doesn’t stop there!

The MLB with it’s superior wisdom and clear non-bias, decided to leave based on Voter ID laws to a state with MORE STRICT LAWS on voter ID. That’s right. Colorado is a voter ID required state with even less days of early voting that Georgia. To make it better, Colorado is 75% white and Georgia is a 51% black state. This move has to be the worst move in all of history.

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