The MOST Expensive White House Staff EVER

The Biden Administration has grown to be the largest and most costly White House EVER. Over the course of Trump’s 4 years in office, the Trump White House spent $164 million to employ their White House staff. Obama spent more at $188 million for his staff. Both of those figures are adjusted for inflation in order to properly compare with Biden. Even with those adjustments for inflation, Biden is STILL going to massively outspend them with a $200 MILLION budget for his White House staff for 4 years.

The large cost increase is largely due to the personnel increase. In Trump’s first year, he employed 377 staff. In 2020, Trump’s last year, that number was up to 403 White House staff. Biden jumped the number of staff all the way up to 562 for his first year. 253 of those employed are receiving at least $100,000 per year with the Policy Advisor For Immigration topping the list of staff at $185,656 and the Senior Policy Advisor For Broadband following closely behind at $183,164.

Sure, this is just a small amount of the budget. However, this is an indication that Biden is dead set on vastly increasing the size of Government. Both in size as well as in budget and spending. It could be worse, they could have just decorated the White House with 400 paintings by Hunter Biden.

A complete look at the White House Staff salaries can be seen at

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