The Narrative Is Falling Apart As The Black “White Supremacist” Asian Stomper Murdered His Own Mother As Well

Another massive oopsie by the main stream media and liberals around the country. Turns out the one of the key cases for Asian hate in the recent news may not be Asian hate at all. In fact, it is shedding more and more light on the real issues liberal policies have created.

After murdering his own mother, he was released on parole due to liberal judges and policies in 2019. Now that he has attacked another (maybe more that we just don’t know about) it is labeled as a hate crime. It’s a major stretch now that the facts are coming in. Some people just want the world to burn. Some suffer mental illness that causes rage and violence to anyone around them. Who knows what will set them off.

So who released him on parole? How much time did he serve? Can the family of the Asian woman sue the parole board for releasing this man? After-all, NYC did just get rid of qualified immunity. Looks like it might blow up in their faces.

When the news of this attack first broke, it was “white man bad”. Then when it was discovered the attacker was a black man, it was because he is mentally white and a “white supremacist who has Asian hate. Turns out he has hate for everyone, including his very own mother, a non Asian, that he did kill.

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